Special Events

Black Rock and Its Churches

Presentation by Tom Mudra

This presentation will outline the history of Black Rock, beginning with the origins of its name. It will then trace the community’s history from the War of 1812 to the arrival of the Erie Canal and the rivalry between Buffalo and Black Rock to become the Canal terminus. Black Rock’s annexation by Buffalo and its rapid growth with an influx of immigrants will also be discussed, along with the neighborhood today and what can be seen of its proud history.


Date: Wed June 8, 2016
Hours: Starting at 7pm;
doors open at 6:30pm


Bread Time Stories

Presentation by Chet Fery

Chet is the founder of Bread Time Stories and More. Often called “The Bread Man”, he began his hobby of baking bread and giving it away over 14 years ago. He estimates he has given over 60,000 loaves of bread, created over 65 recipes and generated over 100 inspirational “Bread Time Stories” which he shares with audiences across the region.

He grew up on the streets of Buffalo in a neighborhood called “Kaisertown.” The red brick paved streets were lined with large wood frame houses with covered porches. His grandparents lived on the first floor of his house and his aunts, uncles and cousins lived just a street away. He speaks of the many places of kindness he experienced as a child that provided a foundation for his life.

Chet promotes doing random acts of kindness. He believes the world can be changed one loaf of bread at a time; one act of kindness at a time. A former teacher, counselor and school administrator, Chet now devotes most of his time to this effort.


Dates: Wed July 13, 2016
Hours: Starting at 7pm;
doors open at 6:30pm


Stained Glass Windows

From Inspiration to Completion — Presentation by Jack Edson

Have you ever wondered how an artist made a stained glass window? An over view of the many steps between the artist’s inspiration and the finished window. And, how do stained glass windows inspire the spiritual life of the viewer today?

This talk will include artifacts used in the creation of stained glass windows and a discussion of the wonderful collection of windows created by Francis X. Zettler in the St Francis Xavier Church building.


Dates: Wed August 10, 2016
Hours: Starting at 7pm;
doors open at 6:30pm